Montenegrin citizenship by investment

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There has been a lot of talks lately all around the world about gaining citizenship by investing in a country. Many small countries see this as a great opportunity to boost their finances, attract new businesses, thus creating more workplaces and driving the economy forward. This is very important, especially for small countries that do not have various industries and branches of economies, so they need to find new ways to fill their budget and get the necessary boost. Montenegro is one of these countries and there are a lot of benefits that Montenegro has to offer to its new economic citizens.

Montenegro as a link between the countries

Montenegro is located in Southeastern Europe, a great location that links the country to Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and the Asia Minor. Montenegro has also been a stable country that has good relations with world powers. Another important factors are that Montenegro is part of the Schengen Zone and a candidate for the EU accession. It has been ranked in the top 3 on the 2020 Citizenship by Investment list made by Best citizenships in regard to this category. All of the aforementioned advantages make Montenegro a great place to call your second home.

The investment program was launched by the Montenegrin authorities in 2009 and it offers foreign investors opportunity to invest in different regions of Montenegro in order to get the citizenship. There are three major regions and all of them have their benefits and it is up to you to choose which option sounds the most desirable. These are the Southern region, mostly known for tourism where you can find zones that are protected by the UNESCO and a lot of hotels that have the hidden potential; the Central region is the commercial hub of the country where both the old historical royal capital of Cetinje and the current capital Podgorica are located; and the Northern region, which is great for winter tourism as it has a lot of beautiful mountains and lakes.

The Montenegrin government is offering four real estate investment projects, through which you will be able to earn the right to call yourself and possibly your family Montenegrins. Three of these projects are located in the North while one is located in the South. We will look into them in the next part of the article.

Available investment opportunities

The first one is Westin Ski Hotel which will be located in Kolasin, an important winter tourism center which is also well urbanized. The town is not far from the capital Podgorica and it can be reached both by rail and road. The hotel will have 93 accommodation units and its location on the foot of the two beautiful mountains of Bjelasica and Sinjajevina, which are already well known, makes it a great skiing resort. Investing 250.000 plus 100.000 Euro for the state donation will get you the citizenship in three months.

The next investment opportunity is also located in the town of Kolasin. Nature lovers and ski enthusiasts will flock to this place and it offers the capacity of 188 luxury units. This town is a real winter wonderland where you can enjoy all winter activities plus amazing nature walks. The airport of Podgorica is nearby so it will be very easy for you to fly in and make the deal. The required investment is 400.000 Euro which will grant citizenship to you, your spouse and two children if you decide to invest in Hotel Breza.

Durmitor is the largest National Park in Montenegro and is located in the North of the country where you can find a lot of beautiful nature. One of its really beautiful spots is the Black Lake surrounded by the biggest rainforest in Europe, the Perućica Rainforest. There are two parts to this investment: a hotel called Hotel Durmitor which will have 55 elite suites and 12 villas that are named after the town of Zabljak. Zabljak is famous as a great location for skiing, mountaineering, trekking and hiking. If you want to get Montenegrin citizenship, you have an opportunity to do so by investing 350.000 Euro plus fees in one of these real estate objects.

The last investment project is set in a region which offers a lot of benefits and it is known well across the world. Hotel Kraljicina Plaza which means Queen’s Beach is located in the town of Budva. Budva has also been known as the metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism and is a town that has both ancient heritage and modern life with many bars, clubs and restaurants. It is planned to build 60 hotel rooms and 66 apartments in a beautiful park with an amazing view of the coast. The town of Kotor which is on a UNESCO Heritage list is very close and it can be easily accessed by the well-maintined road. Morover Budva is very close to the airports in Tivat and Dubrovnik, in Croatia. As this part of the country is wealthier the investment needs to be 550.000 Euro plus fees.

We hope that we have given you enough information about the investment project and the benefits. In order to get Montenegrin citizenship by investment it is not necessary to learn the language or take any naturalization tests. 

Stevan. M

Stevan. M

Stevan is a Montenegro based writer and consultant

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MBCG is a Montenegro based consulting company – our goal is to help you legally reduce your tax rates while protecting your assets!


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