Montenegrin citizenship

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You may be considering starting your business in Montenegro, or perhaps you have decided to move to this magnificent country for family reasons: whatever the case, you are probably wondering about whether you should apply for Montenegrin citizenship or not. Well, to be able to make this decision you will have to be well-informed on Montenegro’s citizenship laws first. To make things easier for you, we have decided to create this small guide where we will be answering some of the most common questions about Montenegrin citizenship procedures to help you learn as much as you can before you make the final call.

So, let’s get to it!

Are you eligible for Montenegrin citizenship?

Montenegrin law defines 4 different ways to get citizenship:

  • Montenegrin origin
  • Being born in Montenegro
  • Living there for a specific period of time and being married to a Montenegrin citizen/having a family inside of the country
  • International contracts Montenegro has with other countries

Other than that, since 2019, foreigners are eligible for citizenship by donating a specific amount of funds to the Montenegrin Government and investing in government-approved development projects. There are, of course, some specific exceptions to these rules, so make sure to research the law thoroughly before you apply.

Does Montenegro allow dual citizenship?

Generally speaking, no, Montenegro does not allow dual citizenship. You will have to renounce any other citizenship before getting a Montenegrin one.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. People who had dual citizenship before the declaration of independence in 2006 can keep them. Other than that, people who gained their right to citizenship by making use of the Special Program of Investments of Special Significance for Commercial and Economic Montenegrin Interest, are also allowed to carry dual citizenship. Lastly, an exception can be made if an international agreement or a bilateral treaty calls for it.

How powerful is the Montenegrin passport?

One of the most important things about getting citizenship is the travel limitations you will get after becoming a citizen. When it comes to Montenegro, its citizens can travel to 124 different countries with no visa or only a visa on arrival is required. This ranks it as number 47 of the best passports in the world when it comes to travel freedom.

Of course, you must consider that Montenegro is on its way to becoming a member of the EU, so the Montenegrin passport will probably become even more valuable in the next few years.

Should you get it or not?

This is only your choice to make. It will mostly depend on your needs and goals. If you are looking to start your life or open up a business in Montenegro, it is probably worth it. Make sure to do your research and check if you are eligible or not, so you do not end up wasting a lot of your time for nothing. Remember that Montenegro does not allow dual citizenship, so weigh the pros and cons of renouncing your other citizenship for a Montenegrin one. If you can afford it, consider applying to one of Montenegro’s special programs we have mentioned before.

Whatever you do, make sure to learn as much as you can before you make your final decision.

Stevan. M

Stevan. M

Stevan is a Montenegro based writer and consultant

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MBCG is a Montenegro based consulting company – our goal is to help you legally reduce your tax rates while protecting your assets!

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About Us

MBCG is a Montenegro based consulting company – our goal is to help you legally reduce your tax rates while protecting your assets!


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